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Women's Dressing Gown - Sunset

Women's Dressing Gown - Sunset

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Just like an Ibizan sunset, this latest addition to our women’s bathrobe collection promotes a state of calm and delivers a soothing quality that’s tailored for luxurious lounging.

Solid stripes are replaced by indeterminate lines that fade out to a cool refreshing white. An unexpected but cohesive colour palette fuses mint macaroon, cornflower blue, periwinkle, azure and old navy. Sunset is an understated bathrobe for women who enjoy a quietly confident statement dressing gown.

Super soft but wonderfully absorbent, the Sunset dressing gown features a cosy half shawl collar, signature Bown of London foldback cuffs and a matching tie belt.

100% natural Egyptian cotton

Velour on outside

Towelling loop inside, 

320Gsm weight

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