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The Wee Yin Small Dried Flower Wreath-  Fern and Xeranthemum

The Wee Yin Small Dried Flower Wreath-  Fern and Xeranthemum

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Wee yin in Scottish means “little one or baby of the family.” These wreaths evoke a woodland mystique, and will bring the magic of nature into your home. This wee yin is made of handwoven honeysuckle vines with dried ferns, Xeranthemum, and other dried botanicals wrapped around the wreath. 
Roughly 6”-8”
Dried flower wreaths are lovely for indoor display, with the natural flower color very slowly fading to a muted look over time. Hanging out of direct sunlight is recommended, and hanging outside only with protection from wind and rain, as indoor wreaths will last much longer. Store in cool, air tight, and dark space when not in use.
Your wreath will look very close to the example wreath that is photographed, made with the same dries as shown. Each one is handmade to order.
This wreath makes wonderful gift or to simply use them to brighten up a spot in your own home!

All products are made from natural materials expect variation from photograph and some “botanical shedding.”

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