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Panda Rock Pikler Triangle

Panda Rock Pikler Triangle

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The Pikler Triangle Climber - Panda Rock is an innovative way for children to explore and play. This unique and well-crafted climbing frame is made from high-quality Baltic birch plywood and is designed to stimulate children’s physical, cognitive, and creative development. The Pikler Triangle Climber - Panda Rock provides a safe and fun way for children to climb, slide, and explore. This climber features an easy-to-assemble design with no sharp edges and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the perfect way to help your child develop gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and physical confidence. This Pikler Triangle Climber - Panda Rock is sure to provide hours of fun and learning for your child.
Activity stairs are sturdy and can take up to 100kg (220lbs) of weight but it’s only for kids. Max load 50kg (110lbs). Is easy to assemble and modify. Recommended from 6 months to 6 years old.

All wooden parts are hand selected, sanded and sharp edges are rounded off for added safety. To get rustic look on Bilauf activity ladder we use special technique, it makes our more unique. Made by hand, as if it is for our own children!
(This is a natural wood product, some knots and other minor imperfections will add to the overall character of your unit).
# Baltic birch plywood parts are coated with water base lacquer, non toxic
# Ash rung coated with bee wax
# for connections we use special M6 furniture connector bolts

This product ships worldwide!

Dimensions: Check at the photos

Safety: Please do not leave children unattended

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