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Classic Marble & Iron Tiered Cake Stand

Classic Marble & Iron Tiered Cake Stand

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Nothing speaks of the old world charm like a tea party; and this classic marble tiered cake and snack stand brings about a lovely vintage vibe. The process of creating this beautiful cake stand starts with the selection of fine marble. The high-grade marble is then hand cut using rather simple looking hand-held tools like cutters and chisels. Marble is a fascinating medium to work with as it is relatively soft when freshly quarried and becomes harder and more durable as it ages. The process of hand cutting marble requires a great deal of precision as it is usually done freehand. The final offering is unique and exclusive.

Color :Natural

Production Method :Handmade

Material Description :Iron and Marble

Size(L x B x H) :12 x 8 x 11 Inches

Weight :4460 grams

Disclaimer :No two slabs of marble are alike due to the natural veining and spotting pattern of the material. The handmade process further lends exclusivity to this offering, making it unique

Pack Contents :1 Cake stand

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