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Round Beech Wood & Brass Wall Mounted Coat Hook / Hanger with Leather

Round Beech Wood & Brass Wall Mounted Coat Hook / Hanger with Leather

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 Product Description

  • Solid beech wood / Brass finish
  • Finished with protective varnish
  • Natural leather strap - 40cm
  • 5cm or 6cm diameter
  • 2 types of screws provided to fix on wall or doors, cabinets, etc.

Contemporary round beech wood wall hook with brushed brass finish and natural leather strap, that can be combined with other hooks from the collection.

Two types of screws are included to be able to fix to a wall or alternatively doors, cabinets, etc.  

Size options - The light beech wood hook with brass front finish is available in a diameter of 5cm and 6cm. Mix the different sizes for a playful effect on your wall. The natural leather loop is 40cm long and 2cm wide for both diameters.

The leather strap is a natural, non treated leather with a nude light brown color, which will slightly darken over time. The leather loop can easily be removed or added back on to the hook if desired. The brushed brass color is a beautiful combination with the light color of the beech wood. The brass is treated with a protective coating to prevent staining and scratches and will ensure a long lasting quality, even when intensively used. The beech wood & brass wall hooks with leather loop can be bought individually or in a set of 2 or 3 where a discount applies.

The full collection of wall hooks contains beech wooden hooks and the option of a front finish in brass, copper or aluminum and additional leather strap. The hooks are made from half a solid round beech wooden ball. The coat hooks are hung from the wall with an easy to use and very strong invisible screw system, which makes it look like as if the hook is 'floating'.

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